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Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Red VS Pink?! How to find your perfect shade of both.......

Well as the pic above says Red VS Pink whats your fave?!! both are pretty popular lip colours, I personally prefer pink as I feel red on me is abit dramatic and more suited on nights out and I don't actually go on that many nights out believe it or not!

Although a red lip when done correctley looks super glamorous but especially throughout summer I love baby pinks and really bright fuschias, But I think a very bright pink or a very bright red and just simple winged eyeliner on the eyes is a perfect fresh faced look that would suit most people and thats the good thing about reds and pinks they are wearable so I decided to do this post!

Now I know a lot of people have problem finding the correct shades so I was reading through Cosmopolitan again and I thought that had a good guide I thought might be useful for the ladies out there....


- Porcelain Skin (e.g Christina Hendricks and Lucy Liu) Go for blue based reds such as cherry, plum and wine shades think more of the 'stained' lips, More brown reds wash fair skins out so best to avoid really
This lipstick is ideal in shade 'Scarlet' (link)

- Golden Skin (e.g Cheryl Cole and Cameron Diaz) want to go for bright tomato or fire engine red  as golden skin pulls these dramatic shades off well and more pinky reds can look slightly garish,
This Eyeko lip pen is the ideal shade (link)

- Olive Skin (e.g Jennifer Lopez and Nicole Scherzinger) Olive skins should go towards more burnt/orange based reds, such as deep ruby as these will be seductive without been clown-like although my skin is fairly light now (ok alot light haha) im naturally fairly olive and tan easy in summer so I definatley agree with this as I find orange reds more flattering on m, The Rimmel lipstick I have linked below is alot brighter than its shows on Boots website so google it and you will see it's 'Red Fever' and part of the 'Colour show off' line
This Rimmel lipstick is the olive skins ideal red (link)

- Dark Skin (e.g Alexandra Burke/Alek Wek)
Tomato reds are best suited to darker skin tones although Alek Wek is a fan of deep cherry red's also
This is the ideal red for dark skins in shade 'Paris' (link)


- Porcelain Skin is best suited to Bubblegum pinks, magentas or pinks with alot of white work best for fair skin
This lovely pink is perfect in shade 'Body Pop' (link)

- Golden Skin should choose a more vibrant pink like a 60s baby doll coral colour, blue or silver toned pink
can look ageing so definatley best to avoid
This Barry M lip paint in 'Peachy Pink is ideal

- Olive Skin is best suited to bright fuschia and similar shades to golden skin like the pinky peaches, neon can look abit OTT on tan skin like olives so best to stay with fuschia and similar shades as they are alot more flattering
This lovely Dior shade works great in 'Pink Coral' (link)

- Dark Skin looks amazing with rasberry or watermelon pinks and more purple-toned pink colours the very light baby pinks can look abit unflattering,
This Estee Lauder lipstick is just right with shade 'Raspberry' (link)

And that is it! The links are just for examples, if you google the shades and look at the images I tend to find that shows good results for swatches so you can realistically see the shades as online shopping can be decieveing particularly Boots Website which have appalling colour shades they look nothing like that...How annoying :-( The Red I need in my collection as I said in my last post is definatley MACs Ruby Woo and im going mad on pinks at the mo MACs 'impassioned' 'girl about town' and 'candy yum yum' are all pinks in various shades and on my hit list LOL I so wish I could win the lottery and then I could justify on spending four lots of £13.50 on lipsticks (nearly £60 with delivery for FOUR lipsticks I can't do it i'd get told off haha)

P.S Apparantley in the UK the 'Average' woman owns 7 lipsticks..........WHAT LOL I thought it would be alot more that that I guess im used to reading blogs and seeing bloggers do hauls of like 4/5 lipsticks a week haha

Vikki xoxox


  1. thanks for sharing :)

    i have olive skin tone and yeah, corally peachy pink lip color looks better on my skin tone :)

    my favorite is mac see s sheer!

  2. The red does look more glamorous, thanks for sharing this great tips:)

  3. I like to match my lipsticks with my blush, always. Since I have yet to find the perfect pink blush for my skin tone I usually reach for my red l/s more.

    Pink however is such a pretty and nice way to tone it down. Thanks for the tips.

  4. Thanks for the comments ladies

    @reina - oooh I will have to check that out as im olive too!

    @Toyin - thanks & aww your welcome :)

    @Hell notes for beauty - Bourjois round little blush pots have a nice pink its called Rose D'or


  5. great post! i have to say I like red but i really love my pinks! My favorite pink lipsticks are Nars Schiap and MAC Gladiola. My favorite red is MAC lipliner in Brick underneath Viva Glam Cyndi!

  6. great tips (:
    i usually put some light pink lipstick on cuz i don't have that much time for put make up on in the morning, unfortunately :D

    xx, nati

  7. Thanks for this... very helpful doll! ;-)

  8. This is a very helpful post Vikki!
    My skin tone would be olive right? :)

  9. Thanks for sharing lovely I love peachy coral lipsticks xx

  10. @Honey B I need to still try NARS lipsticks!!

    @laiqah yep I would say you were olive and thanks to everyone else for the comments!!! xxxxxxxx

  11. Great post, I prefer pink too but both look great on you. following you now

    I have a fashion blog here in California


  12. red on you is pure fire! so gorgeous.

    check out the blog hun

  13. @ dale thanks i've followed you back xx

    and @ little miss glamourous thaks I already follow your fab blog hun :) xx

  14. i love your blog so much and you look absolutely gorgeous in all your pictures! please do another blog post soon! wedding makeup artist Sydney


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