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Wednesday, 14 September 2011

E.L.F Basic Blush VS Studio Blush

I got two ELF blushes in my last haul - Basic blush in Flushed (£1.50) and Studio Blush in Blushing Rose (£3.50)

The packaging is the major difference, the basic is clear, cheap looking and you slide it down to open which can be abit awkward, whereas the studio blush is sturdier, a proper compact and includes a mirror (very similar to NARS blush packaging)
Basic 'Flushed'
Studio 'Blushed Rose'
Blushing Rose is the left swatch and Flushed is on the right
The basic one is also alot less pigmented, less long lasting and more chalky, Flushed is one of the more pigmented ones from what I have seen the rest in the basic line are very sheer, but the studio ones seem to vary, Blushed Rose isn't one of the more popular studio shades but probably due to the swatch on the ELF site which looks nothing like it does in real life and doesn't do it justice. I think Blushed Rose will be a great winter blush as it's slightly red/brown toned and is shimmery without been OTT and noticeable, it gives a fantastic glowy look on and although it doesn't last forever it has reasonable lasting time. I do love the colour of Flushed it's such a pretty and unusual berry toned fuchsia but it's a shame it doesn't last or is as good as the studio one, It gorgeous when first on though.

Who else has any ELF blush recommendations for me? I have a few ELF blushes to review for tomorrows post and thats most my ELF stuff done ALTHOUGH I might just have to buy more as they are doing free shipping for UK/European customers (minimum spend £10 just use code QZXUK (UK customers) QZXEU (European customers) and QZXIT (Italian customers)

Vikki xxxx


  1. Thank you for the comparison, it's good to know! I hate chalky and sheer blush, what a waste of money (even though they only cost $1 LOL)

  2. me too! i wouldn't try another basic one but the studio ones i would xx

  3. i would probably pick the studio one


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