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Sunday, 4 September 2011

My little E.L.F Cosmetics Haul

 Brightening Eyeliner in 'Plum' I thought a purple eyeliner would be cool to have for a autumn/winter look from the £1.50 basic line

Nail Polish in 'Desert Haze' my new fave, only needs 2-3 coats and it a lovely neutral colour, am wearing it as we speak and also just put it on my mum she loves it too! From the basic £1.50 line

'Metal madness' nail polish, a lovely black with shimmer/glitter, not yet tried this out but seen it on some other peoples blogs and it looks lovely, I love black nails so this will be abit different, from the basic £1.50 line

 Blush in 'Blushing Rose' from the Studio £3.50 line swatches to come, quite a deep pink/red shade.

 Blush in 'Flushed' from the basic £1.50 line swatches to come, from what I have read its one of the more pigmented basic ones as most are sheer, it looks a lovely raspberry shade.

 Stipple Brush hopefully good for my cream blushes, abit peeved that it arrived all squashed and bent but going to wash and re-shape it! Really soft, not sure if it will be TOO soft though, from the studio range £3.50

 Kabuki Face Brush, alot smaller than I thought but its cute and it is really soft and great for mineral foundations/powders its from the mineral line £5

 Blending eye brush from the basic £1.50 line, heard lots of great things about this but not yet tried it

 Small Angled Brush I got this for Gel liner as I fined angled liner brushes easy to work with, from the studio £3.50 range

 Eye crease brush from the basic line, again heard good things about this and its £1.50 from the basic line

Finally eyelid primer from the basic £1.50 line, im sure you all know this is one of ELFs more famous products LOL I want a change from my Benefit Lemon Aid eyelid primer and thought I would try this before splashing out on Urban Decay PP/Too Faced shadow insurance.

So there you have it a little ELF haul, if you haven't already make sure you go like their facebook (UK Site) page as they regularly post offers up, I got this all on a 50% off offer so came to really cheap, but the postage and packaging is like £3, I haven't tried most as you can see but over the next few days I will be and posting more swatches and reviews on the brushes.

Let me know if you have any questions on any of the products or what you think of them

Hope you're all having great weekends 

Vikki xoxox


  1. nice haul!!

    please follow back?


  2. Metal Madness looks gorgeous and that kabubku brush is too cute!

  3. @Rania thank you :)

    @Gaby I will do a NOTD post with it soon! And aw the kabuki is soooo diddy and small xx

  4. I'm loving ELF atm, I got their kabuki brush it's so soft. Looking forward to the swatch of blushing rose as that's one I'm quite interested in :)


  5. Very nice haul of elf...I really liked the neutral nail paint and blush.


  6. @charlee i will get the swatch up asap its lovely

    @vertu thanks :)


  7. i love looking at hauls... and i like the silver glitter nail polish you bought


  8. my elf delivery came today, i cant wait to get busy trying everything out ! xx ps - following you now <3

  9. Desert haze, my favourite too. xoxo

  10. @sharon me too! and thanks il try get it up on a notd post soon x

    @kiran i love elf now! hope you like everything you got x

    @LaaLaa its sooo nice isn't it, it's only got abit of chipping and i've had it on for like 4days! xx

  11. Love it! :)


  12. This is such a great haul! I love ELF Cosmetics too because its cheaper and they have great quality products. I wanna have more brushes from ELF but I only have the Eye crease one. :(

    Followed your blog! Hit me up at
    http://ateenadj.com ♥


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