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Thursday, 15 September 2011

ELF Brushes - Studio and Basic

 So yesterdays post was a basic VS studio E.L.F blush post and today carrying on the ELF theme (LOL) I have 2 basic ELF brushes and 2 studio ones to review, I was careful about the ones I picked as the basic ones are notoriously not that amazing apart from the odd few, most people also seem to have hit and misses with the same brushes, it's like they get manufactured different each time, I always read reviews on 'Makeupalley' to decide if a product is worth buying particulary with stuff from ELF as in the UK it's only available online and hard to see true swatches and get correct information. 

This is the basic 'Eye Crease Brush' (£1.50) it's great for getting colour right in the crease and for blending the colours from your lid upto your crease, it's soft and domed to a slight point, it's also really soft and doesn't shed, the basic line are white and don't look as sophisticated as the black studio ones but for the price it's great, I also like the brush for getting shadow under my lashline. I would definatley re-purchase it's a good brush BUT you could live without it.

This is the Studio Stipple Brush (£3.50) It is alot more softer and not as dense as I thought it isn't that sturdy (some would call it flimsy) but it works suprisingly well, I apply my foundation with my hands or with my Sigma F80 flat top kabuki so I haven't tried applying foundation with this and although it is recommended for all face products I can imagine it would be TOO soft and like I said it's nowhere near dense enough so I wouldn't buy it for that reason, for blush though it is great, cream blushes are harder to work with as again the flimsiness but powder blush and even powders like MSFs I would recommend using this with, I don't regret buying it but not sure if I would again! P.S It has the pink on the tip as thats my MAC blush it doesn't come coloured pink it's just black and white ha ha!

This is the 'Blending Eye' basic brush apparentley the poor man's version of MAC's 217 but I don't have that for a blending brush it's not as fluffy as some are and it does take abit of work to actually get it to do it's job but then how can you complain for the price, I don't end up really using this though as I have better brushes so maybe for beginners to make up or people just wanting a few basic brushes it would be good but it will probabaly stay at the bottom of my drawer.

Lastly this is the Studio Small Angled Brush, I use this for gel eyeliner and for applying coloured eyeshadows as eyeliners, when working with eyeliner I find angled brushes like this so much easier, I have just got a bargain new gel eyeliner that I LOVE and doing a post on in the next few days using this so you will be able to see it's effective-ness it picks up a good amount of colour and it is sturdy and creates a good line, perfect for doing 'cat eyes' eyeliner, this is one of my faves (along with the mineral small face kabuki brush - more on that in a second) I would definatley buy this again and again, and need a back up as I had a little heart attack when I lost it for a few mins this morning LOL.

I also did get the Mineral small face kabuki you might remember been pictured in the haul (click to go to) I did photograph it but it was full of mineral foundation so didn't look photogenic and now I don't have time to wash and photograph it as the light has gone :( BUT I will say that with the angled brush is my favourite, I tried it with mineral foundation and use it for applying pressed powder and it works well for both, it's sooo tiny and cute and it very soft I highly recommend, it also doesn't shed and even though it costs abit more (£5) it is really worth it! 

What other ELF brushes do I need or do you recommend? As im sure there is more than these I would possibly like!

p.s I really wanted to try and do an 'eye of the day' look with the ELF plum eyeliner I got but like the silly billy I am I have gone and lost it....before even using it haha. I will get another and get that done!
Vikki xoxo


  1. ELF is seriously a great line with awesome prices for awesome quality! do they have ecotools out there in the UK? They rival ELF for best quality with affordable prices!

  2. I agree and no we don't have ecotools which is a shame as I have heard great things about those! xxx

  3. I just got a bunch of elf brushes--they were a $1 each... that's just unbeatable in my opinion :)))

  4. @maryam I agree great value! Over here ELF costs £1.50 for the basic line which would be like $2.30 but its still a great bargain, although i am jealous you can get double for your money what we can get hahah xx


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