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Friday, 9 September 2011

The using my Blush as a lipstick experiment........

Hi everyone I did a post not long back featuring one of the MAC Cremeblend blushes 'So Sweet So Easy' HERE and the lovely Alexis was curious as to see what the shade looked like as a lip color, as it is such a soft and pretty pink, I had actually never thought of doing it but OMG I LOVE IT!!!! What a fantastic idea, I mentioned in the other post I had difficulty and I still just can't get it to work as a blush.....everytime I apply it it goes patchy which im sad about as I love it, i've tried it with my fingers/blush brushes/stipple brush even my Sigma F80 flat top kabuki but still to no avail.

Sooo I am very happy that it's working for me as a lip colour at least! It actually had pretty good lasting power and was quite moistourising, I will be trying this on more cream blushes, here's some pics -
 I wasn't in a creative or bright make up mood today so the natural finish fitted in nicely, I was just off to do some work so I just did a neutral eye with thick liner to glam up abit but kept the rest of my make up simple, I didn't even use blush today just my w7 Honolulu bronzer.

I love little tips like this so a big thanks to Alexis I now have a great new way to wear this and not waste it!

Also thought i'd share these 2 funny pics of the week seen as its friday haha -
This is a portrait of this man done with bricks!! Imagine having that at the side of your house, how cool though! Was a quick blackberry snap whilst I was in a taxi at the traffic lights LOL
& My rescue cat I blogged about before George, we've had him for about 5wks now! Here is in the garden earlier sticking his tongue out hahaha how cheeky!
 Happy weekend dolls! xoxoxo

p.s I will get the swatches up from my E.L.F haul at the beginning of the week ASAP I haven't forgotten as I know a few people wanted to see the blushes in more detail.


  1. you look gorgeous. such a pretty face!

  2. That's so smart! The blush looks great on your lips. <3

  3. What an amazing idea! & your eye makeup is flawless xxx

  4. Love the eye makeup!

    Kisses, Melanie

  5. I would have never guessed it was blush on your lips. Looks perfect! <3 you look gorgeous.

  6. @D.Sadie thanks!xx

    @Bluebellss yep all thanks to Alexis' great idea i cant take credit unfortunatley haha! And thanks xx

    @beauty and bows thanks melanie! xx

    @Sara aw thanks lovely xx

  7. What a gorgeous color, love it! I'm glad you could make it work on your lips at least since it doesn't work on your cheeks, such a shame!

  8. Nice idea you got here! How did you used it? Wet brush lipliner and apply? Im curious now! :D
    You're pretty! ♥


  9. @AteeNadj the blush is a cremeblend one so it's really creamy already so just applied with my fingers! A lip brush would have worked well though too, and you could wet it like you said and try that with powder blushes x

  10. oh its the cremeblend one.. Hahaha! It really looks good on you. Btw, where are you modeling? :) Thnx for the follow back hun! :D

  11. thanks hun, i don't really model much anymore only occasionally! x

  12. this looks gorgeous on you as a lip color! wow, i knew this color would work so well on you! If you are having trouble using it as a blush have you tried applying with your fingers and then layering a pink blush ontop of it? That might get it to work better. Your FOTS is lovely, as usual! ps- cute cat! :)

  13. @alexis aw thanks lovely i will try that tip :) xxxx

  14. i love the way you are wearing your eye liner


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