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Monday, 17 October 2011

Gorgeous acessories from Je Suis Prettyful.....

These new goodies I have to show you today are handmade and beautifully crafted by the lovely Carmen of 'Je Suis Prettyful', Carmen is a fellow blogger check out her blog HERE there is some fab make up looks that I wish I could do! And it was one of the first blogs I followed when I set up a google account and my own blog last year, and now Carmen is putting her other talents to good use and has set up her own Etsy shop selling amazing everday accessories and bridal ones.

I got this gorgeous embellished headband that will look such a fabulous statement piece when worn with a little black dress and I feel so glam when I have tried it on, it is such a gorgeous olive green colour too that works so well against my hair but I can imagine this looking just as good on lighter hair too, and also available in red and pink.

I also got these cute little red flower style earrings, that are so cute and i've been wearing nearly everyday,

 and finally these 2 amazing handcrafted flower hair pins that come in an array of colours, they are so pretty and have small little pearls in the middle that is such a lovely detail to add, you can see they are also beautifully packaged in a lovely box with a bow so you can store them in this, I actually want to get married like NOW just so I can wear these, they are soooo stunning and this sounds so cheesey but the fact everything has been handmade and had so much work go into them makes them feel all that more special!

And can I just say all 3 of these items are such GOOD quality, they feel so luxurious, I can't say it enough, I know from experience alot of acessories I have fall to bits after a few wears especially high street items but I just know these will last for a long time.

You can check out the full line at www.jesuisprettyful.etsy.com and everything on there is FREE SHIPPING both domestic and internation which is amazing as I know alot of my readers are from overseas and I feel bad when I blog about items you can only get in the UK!

To keep up with updated on the twitter page HERE and finally make sure you go like the facebook page HERE as when it hits 100 likes there will be a giveaway!!

Big thank you to the lovely and talented Carmen!
Vikki xoxoxo


  1. Them earrings are so cute! xx

  2. That headband is gorgeous! I love the earrings too- great haul, girl!

  3. All of those things are really nice!
    And I really do love your blog, the layot makes everything so easy to find!
    New follower!



  4. how beautiful are these pieces!!! the earrings and the headband are my faves :)))

  5. I love the first headband! they're so prettyy


  6. awh those earrings are amazing <3


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