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Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Where is Vikki!?!?!

Im here!!! Still, haha, it feels forever since I blogged and I am so disappointed at how i've let my blog slip it's just I have had 1001 things going on and my blogging mojo went abit, firstly since you all know i'm currentley pregnant and have been so horribly sick that I have rarely gone into town to buy anything new to blog about, secondly I have missed lots of work because of this and with xmas and said baby coming up am on a tight budget so make up and beauty stuff are at the bottom of my 'things to buy' list right now which makes me extremely sad but got to be done *sigh* instead of the mountains of make up I used to buy in it's place now is an impressive collection of baby stuff/babygrows/bibs etc so that's what my moneys going on instead of fun make up roll on santa coming and hopefully I will get some treats of my own haha

THEN when I got my blogging mojo back last week I lost my camera, what a fail, it was found later in Ashs glove compartment so TOMORROW it is my mission to photograph lots of things and schedule some daily or every other day posts so I can get my blog back on the go, thanks to everyone that's still following me and bearing with me,

next up I have a new kitty (yes that makes 3 now as I speak the new one is cosied up with my other young one it's the cutest thing ever he seems to think she's his momma!) Ash got him as a surprise (I returned the surprise when I informed him he would be cleaning the litter tray as pregnant people aren't allowed near cat faeces! LOL)

Sorry for the crap picture but this was from the 'I-lost-my-camera' week so done on the crap piece of technology that is  my blackberry
He's called Tiger and sooooooooooo small and cute
So that is a little update from me, I have another scan on Monday I can't wait to share the picture with you all hopefully it will look alot bigger than the last scan where it was teeny weeny, I will then link the pregnancy blog I have been working on abit for any other mums-to-be or people planning babies out there,

Hope all you lovelies are well, I have still been tweeted so if you want to follow me @vikki_model I follow back all my lovely readers xx


  1. awwwwwwww soooo cute!!! good to have you back Vikki!!!

  2. awwww ur kitty is waaaaaaay too adorable! I wish I could have one, lol


  3. I LOVE KITTIES!!! I swear they are better than a lot of people lol!!

  4. like your blog! ;-)

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