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Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Discounted Chanel Rouge Coco Mademoiselle 05 Lipstick limited offer from BuyaPowa!

BuyaPowa firstly is basically a site with the concept of getting us customers bulk-buy discounts on items we want and love and which have previously only been available to retailers.

BuyaPowa has specfic items as whats called a 'co-buy' and each co-buy lasts for a limited time and will have a limited number of units (usually 100) - when it's sold out, it's sold out. And, most importantly, as more and more people join the co-buy, the price gets lower and lower. But, when the co-buy closes, everyone who has joined will pay the final price. So it doesn't matter whether you're the first in there or the last in line - everyone gets to pay the lowest price achieved.

Every co-buy has three price-drops - which work in this way:
  • 1 person - 24 people: our opening price - below RRP and roughly comparable with Amazon prices
  • 25 people - 49 people: first price drop
  • 50 people - 74 people: second price drop
  • 75 people - 100 people: third and final price drop - best price achieved 
Its great to spread the word as the more friends/people you get in on the deals the cheaper the products we want to buy end up being for us! Still unclear? Read their FAQs HERE which answer most of your questions
BuyaPowa was doing the magnetic nail polish from Nails Inc last week which is a new product and went for £7 which is nearly half off the original RRP and the amazing YSL touche eclat went for an amazing £13 the other day....the current Co-buy is the much loved and infamous Chanel Rouge Coco Mademoiselle 05 Lipstick ....It is starting at cheaper than the RRP anyway - £19.99 instead of £23 and thats if less than 25 people buy it which im sure more people will be interested than that for such a bargain,  then it drops in price with -
25-49 people: £18.99
50-74 people: £17.99
Best price: £16.99
P&P: £2.00

 What a classic and stunning lipstick get yours HERE NOW it's going to be a fast seller!!
Vikki xoxox


  1. i am a Chanel lipstick addict!!!!! this is a great deal! Thanks for sharing!

  2. what a great site!!! i gotta find the US equivalent!!!


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