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Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Guess whos baaaaaaack!!!! My B-day night out look!

Yay im back properley from now!! I have so much to catch up on like SO SO SO much so I really don't know where to start I thought i'll get the hello's out the way and then I need to blog about my 100 follower giveaway which I think i'll photograph tonight and post up tomorrow,

whats new with me you ask......well  I have lots of new stuff to blog about including the new Rimmel 25hr lasting finish foundation which I am loving! I am gonna try not overload you all so thought maybe a blog a day will be ok to get me back on top of things!

So in the 6wks thats gone its been.....My 22nd birthday and birthday night in town (Jan 15th).....My 22nd and Nicoles 25th bday night in manchester (22nd Jan) and Valentines day! So here goes!

I had a great birthday my main presents were some boots and 2 dresses which I LOVE so much (and still haven't got to wear one of them its my friend Zoes birthday this weekend so going to do a post about my make up and this dress then) and Me, Ash and my girls all went out to town for the night, nothing too fancy as it was the big night out the following Saturday so I wore one of my new dresses from my mum, I did very smokey eyes and pinky rose lips, I don't know why I decided on red lips when I was wearing purple but I like to be random LOL

I got tipsy on champage so it was good times :) Next was the Manchester night out I commited a bad crime.....I was an 'OUTFIT REPEATER' hahahah basically I wore the same dress I wore to Liverpool a few months ago becasue the dress I planned was at my mums and I didn't have time to go pick it up, I don't think its that bad to wear something twice seriously though lol, here I curled my hair with the babyliss curling wand and did a very dark look on my eyes and a bright pink Barry M lipgloss on my lips,

I look so bewildered in the last pic and that drunken pout in the 2nd pic *SMH*

Then finally Valentines we have a Red Lip look using Barry M lipstick, which is abit too much of a harsh red I think for me but I have a new Wet and Wild lipstick in red I want to try, I got a lovely red top with lace detailing down but the pic does not do it justice at all!! my bad phone taking rubbish pics as usual and also got a lovely big bear with a gorgeous lilac rose! LOVE IT!

My kitten so did not want to be in the pic LOL

So thats the quick round up sorry it's so pic heavy LOL now I need to get photographing the giveaway whos excited?!!! LOL

Vikki xoxoxo


  1. Welcome back and Happy Belated birthday! =)



  2. Im soooo glad ur back! I missed u!! :)

    Happy belated bday sexy! :)

    Malisha x

  3. Yay you're back!!

    Happy belated birthday :D

    You look gorgeous in the pics! xo

  4. Its nice to have you back!

    Happy belated birthday!!!

    Looking good on the pictures:)


  5. Happy belated birthday.....I hope it was wonderful for you Doll & btw thanks for folowing:-)

  6. Yay you're back! Happy belated birthday, doll x

  7. thank you ladies!! Im glad to be back and I had a great birthday :-)


  8. You look great! Love the look :)


  9. You look beautiful in these pics...happy belated bday



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