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Friday, 25 February 2011

Giveaway UPDATE and Orange Lipstick TUTORIAL to match previous blog post

So this morning you will know I did the orange lipstick blog post and pics HERE (click) and then I thought well I might aswell do an accompanying video to match so here I did an everyday look on how to wear orange lipstick!

So here is the video ENJOY! For some reason it goes slightly out of focus at points DAMN YOU CAMERA LOL!

I also afterwards filmed a video for my giveaway as the previous post wasn't clear enough so if you follow me please do enter and watch the video for a clear idea of what the items are LOL you can enter the giveaway here HERE (click) and heres the video!

P.S tonight I am going out for a meal and then partying with Ash, our friend Adam and his girlfriend so eeeek should be good hope you all have a fab weekend

please subscribe to my youtube channel 'vikkigabrielle' it gives you ONE extra entry for the giveaway too! xxxx


  1. Just setup my first Twitter account & Subscribe to your Twitter profile & tweeted the following:

    Hey'Have you guys entered @vikki_model beauty giveaway at http://.vikki-gabrielleworld.blogspot.com, I just have :-)

    onto my profile @twitter.com/Dejhanee26

    I'm in it...TO WIN IT!!!

  2. hey vikki love your vidoes you should definately do more,and your eyebrows are amazing.i deffo want to try the orange lips i though it might be 2 bright for me but i will give it a go i love changing up my looks, and u are stunning :)

  3. @ DeJhanee thank you! xxx

    and @ barbie_dolly aw thanks I need to grown them theyre too short when i dont pencil them in and yep definatley try it im sure it will suit you as you have quite an olive skinned or get a more pink toned one and it might be easier to wear, xxx


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