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Monday, 7 February 2011

Im Reading.....(plus i'll be back properley on the 18th YAY!)

My internet order is now confirmed for the 18th so I will be back blogging then, didnt think it would take as long as this but thats the earliest date it could be sorted for :-(

I haven't time to write much more now or reply to the comments i've got since last been online but I promise from 18th it will be buisness as usual!!!

Thanks to everyone thats still checking out my posts and leaving comments very much appreciated :-)

See you in 11 days LOL

And in Blue Peter style heres a quick blog I prepared earlier LOL enjoy!

Im Reading.....

 So I bought two new books yesterday as I love reading I always have been the bookworm of my family, I used to beg my mum when I was little to take me to the library on a weekend and getting 5-6 books out at a time used to be so exciting for me! And I have read quite a few books since I grew up but focused more on celeb autobiographies or magazines, such as gossip rags and whatever else and they're all cool and juicy and stuff but I wanted to read a few books (although I did recently read one called HEART TO HEART by Pea Horsley about a lady that's like a real life Animal communicator if you're an animal lover like me you will love it and full of different stories and it made me cry so much, theres stories on here curing animals, finding them by connecting with them when they have gone missing and can also connect with them once they have passed away, I know this may sound slightly crazy as when I told Ash he thought I was talking nonsense but im really into spiritual stuff like this she also runs workshops check out her site http://www.animalthoughts.com/.) Anyway back to the point the new books I got yesterday are 'Lessons of a lipstick Queen' by Poppy King and 'Pop Tart' By Kira Coplin and Julianne Kaye.

Lessons of a lipstick queen is basically about an entrepeneur named Poppy King who created her own lipstick brand at the age of 18 called poppy industries and this book is sort of her adventure and and kind of a motivational type of book with lots of tips for people who are wanting to maybe do something similar or just improve and be a better buisness person in general one of the main statements is ''IF AN EIGHTEEN YEAR OLD GIRLS SEARCH FOR THE IDEAL MATTE LIPSTICK CAN TURN INTO A MULTIMILLION DOLLAR COMPANY, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE'' and I love that! I mean all us beauty bloggers can relate to this as how many 'ideal' products have you wanted and not been able to find? Well she turned that into her fortune and this book like I said follows that so I am definatley looking forward to reading it her site by the way is http://lipstickqueen.com/ and her line of lipsticks is available in places like Barneys in the US and quite a few more places and in the UK in Space NK, you can find all this out on the site, they definatley look fabulous and its an adorable site! I might have to try one, People in the US you can shop online too (there is lipstick and lipgloss around $18-$20 USD)

Next up we have the 'Pop Tart' one this is about a young make up artist (Jackie) that has always dreamed of making it big in Hollywood then she meets a 16year old pop starlet called Brooke (who is apparently loosely based on Britney Spears) and basically gets her wish until she sees fame has its downside when Brooke starts to rebel and begins to fall apart (like how Britneys career did) taking Jackie with her and its basically Jackies friendship with Brooke put to the test, can Jackie save them both or will she be just another casualty of Brooke's insatiable appetite for fame? This apparently will captivate fans of 'The devil wears prada' and I adored that book and film so had to check this out, it is also similar to the fictional books Lauren Conrad writes which I STILL need to check out!

Both of these books are available on places like Ebay or Amazon theres lots of info on google, I bought mine both on sale in a random bookshop in my town.

Once I read them I will do an updated post and let you all know how I got on!


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