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Sunday, 27 November 2011

All I want for christmas isssssssssssss......

So as it's 4 weeks til the big day.....Christmas, I thought I would do a little wish list, I had a hard time thinking of things and it's still very limited so I will be updating this but I just do not know what I want this year! I already know a few things Ash bought me some camel ugg boots yesterday and my mum has bought me a new camera but apart from them 2 things I....A)Know nothing else I have (probabaly as I don't have nothing else yet haha) and B)Haven't the foggiest idea what the hell I want!

There is a few random stuff I have seen like shoes/clothes that I couldn't find online, and clothes and shoes are my fave things but with this ever expanding preggo waistline of mine it is becoming increasingly hard to find nice clothes that are going to fit, asking for maternity wear for xmas seems wrong (as it's all drab and boring!) ANYWAY enough rambling here's a few things I DO want!
I love Mariah Carey so her fragrance is on my wishlist

Also love this perfume so that's definatley a yes

NARS 'Schiap' lipstick the most beautiful matte fuchsia EVER

YSL rouge volupte lipstick (haven't picked a shade yet) I also want MAC 'Impassioned' but forgot to add a pic

I got the pandora bracelet for my 21st birthday (or possibly 22nd I can't remember!) but now I need more charms to go on it so would love some pandora charms

Shamballa bracelet, wasn't fussed by these at first now I really want one.....a bracelet of sparkly gorgeous balls....what's not to love ha ha

My names Vikki.....I am a bling addict LOL, men take note you can NEVER go wrong with diamonds :-p

Pauls Boutque diamante bag

I would get this myself but it's sold out.....so hoping santas saved one for me! Bargain at £8 for 24 eyeshadows and MUA is amazing quality for the price.
And that's it!! I really have nothing in mind I want, I love surprises anyway and never really have got presents I didn't like so I will leave it up to my loved ones to choose :)

p.s everything is good with me......15weeks pregnant now and getting bigger by the day :) Hope all my lovely and loyal readers are doing well, I am getting my blogging bug back xxx

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  1. Vera Wang Princess is definitely on my wish-list too!!And i really wanna get YSL lingerie pink:)



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