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Monday, 28 November 2011

Carmex moisture plus and a bit of baby bumpage!!

 Before I start the picture of me has nothing to do with this blog post...I have been in all day today and was going to spend my time doing a make up look, which I did, but it was a total FAIL, so it's ended up in my recycle bin which is where it is staying, thankfully it doesn't look too bad on that pic as i'd changed the lipcolor and then put the pink carmex im about to talk about over the top (so it kind of relates a little bit i guess haha) but I still couldn't salvage it enough for it to be a full FOTD post!

Anyway todays post is about the above - Carmex moisture plus lipbalms, I just wanted to put up a quick review of these as I won them the other day in the lovely Kaushal's recent blog competition, I won all 3 shades they have - pink, peach and clear and was so excited as i've been wanting to get these for so long but never seen them in shops near me and was so close to ordering them from ASOS (rrp £4.99 each and I think in the US they are around $3 from the reviews i've read on makeupalley)


 I only swatched the pink one as my battery then died on me you can see it's sheer, BUT the peach one is abit more pigmented not enough for it to be like a full lipcolour and the clear is errrm clear LOL!
They are just as moistourising as the regular carmex pots which I swear by the cherry has always been my fave but these have a vanilla scent which I must say is even better, I will be keeping the clear one by my bed to use on a night and before i put my make up on in the morning then will be making use of the peach and pink during the day and won't even have to worry about lip colour touch ups!

The lipstick like packaging makes them feel alot more sophisticated than your average balm and something you would even be good with taking on a night out, Who else has tried these? or if not what's your fave balm for the chapped lips winter loves to bring us?!

P.S I can't go without a bump pic also taken today (excuse my dusty mirror and the necklace hanging over haha) 
 Keep checking my pregnancy diary www.victoriaspregnancydiary.blogspot.com

Until next time! xxx


  1. Your hair is gorgeous,
    I love carmex products there so moisturising and fab!
    cute baby bumpage :)

  2. thanks charlotte, it's a nightmare up close i have sooo many split ends but it took me so long to grow it out of a bob that im afraid of going to get it cut LOL xx

  3. Ahhhhh your bump is too adorable. My word time is going fast xo

  4. Love your hair miss. Gorgeous yummy mummy to be ;) hehe hope everythings going well babe x

  5. thanks lovely! and i know its flying now! x

  6. and thanks alisha!! haha @ yummy mummy i've felt and looked like death this whole pregnancy so far but now im in the 2nd trimester im finally looking normal again! xx

  7. Love the bump :) I didn't know carmex did anything tinted like that. I always hated their pots as they stung my lips! My fave is either the Sugar lip balm or one called Care Deeply by Avon.

  8. OMG your baby bump is so tiny and cute!!!!!

  9. thanks :) these don't have that menthol-y flavor and scent like the original carmex so they're probably kinder as it's got vitamin e & shea butter in too, i'll have to look out for te ones you mentioned xx

  10. @alexis haha aw thanks! Not long until i'll be a big whale LOL xx

  11. You beauty!
    Vikki you look GORGEOUS! Pregnancy suits you :)
    I really want to try Carmex moisture plus but I can't find it in SA yet... Guess I'll have to wait.
    Hope you're felling well?

  12. Baby bump! ♥ love it :) hope the pregnancy is treating you well hun!

    really fancy picking up one of these as I'm completely off lipsticks atm. Winter dry lips + lipstick = not an attractive look!

    xxx Kat

  13. omgeee your baby bump is soooooo cute!!! you're beautiful darling--even more so when preggers!!! :)))

  14. @laiqah aw thanks lovely, im feeling great now i've got the sickness and first few months out the way :) I hope you find the carmex soon they're lovely x

    @kat thank you hun! And I know my lips were awfully dry this week so unattractive but these have sorted it out! x

    @maryam aw *blushes* thank you soooo much hun x

  15. I LOVE Carmex, I am deff going to try these out, and you look so adorable with your baby bump! Congrats to you again :) XOXO

  16. Gosh, you don't look like you're pregnant! You're so pretty.

  17. you look pretty and your bump is so cute!


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