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Thursday, 6 January 2011

Ed Hardy Pallette Full Review and Swatches (Love kills slowly)

I know I know I said I would do this ages ago and I haven't had chance so here goes, SO I got this for Xmas as a little stocking filler type gift off my mum (I mean yeah I know technically it doesn't fit into a stocking but ykno like one of them presents that is just not a main one LOL) Anyway my mum got this from some fragrance shop as far as I know in the UK but on other blogs have seen it is apparently also sold in Ulta and someone else said they bought one from the Toronto IMATS. So it is the Ed hardy make up pallette I have the pink one which is 'Love kills slowly' there is also a blue geisha one which the lipglosses are more reds and the shadows more blue so more dramatic whilst this is more girly.

It ranges from £15-£25 on various sites in the UK, if you do want to purchase it have a google theres a few bits of info about it around.

So here is the pallette (click to enlarge)

 As you can see it has a fold out mirror with little lights (the mirror isn't messed up thats just the cellophane protective cover that I haven't removed yet btw) and then the actual make up which is like this -
So the top row are eyeshadows, (we will call them 1-6 from left to right).....1) is a pinky mauve 2) is a very pale pink 3) is a white 4) is a light grey 5) is a medium purpley-denim blue and 6) is a black, they are all extremeley shimmery and shade 2-3-4 are all pretty much similar when swatched (you will see in a sec) and then you have the big bronzer in the middle and at either side of that is 2 solid perfumes (as Ed Hardy do a fragrance line also, the perfumes are 'love kills slowly' the pallette name and 'love and luck' and then the bottom row is lipglosses (again they will be 1-6 left to right)....1) is a purple berry colour 2) is a simple red 3) is a baby pink 4) looks grey but is a clear shimmer 5) is a medium rose pink and lastly 6) is a deep fuschia.

Aswell as those you have a blush brush under the bronzer and a double ended eyeshadow and lip brush to the left and right, these are actually not bad as most pallettes are abit rubbish but at least these aren't hard or 'sponge' type applicators,

So anyway bearing in mind the above numbers for each of the rows I have done some swatches (sorry they aren't the best im photographing and writing this now and it's nearly 12.30am -

Click to enlarge so as you can see none of them are greatly pigmented apart from the black shadow (6) and the fuschia lip colour (also 6) The rest are nice don't get me wrong just abit more pigmentation would have been great.

Above are also the 2 solid perfumes, these are really handy to pop in your bag on nights out and they do smell realllllllllly nice, all the eyeshadows and lipcolours have a really nice fragrant smell to them too, if you're an Ed Hardy fan I would recommend getting this or if you're into sheer simple colours but if it's make up quality you are after then I would probabaly give it a miss,

I am happy with it as I just like it as a whole, I love pallettes and think this just looks nice on my dressing table and I do also think I will get some use out of it soon as the 3 eyeshadow shades that are similar are great highlight shades especially with been so shimmery, and I do love black shadows, plus that fuschia lip colour is perfect for me I love pink lips!

I have never smelt the actual Ed hardy fragrances but I have seen them about and as far as Ed Hardy goes I did used to love their bikinis and cut out swimsuits not to mention their funky hats and vests, I keep seeing quite a few Ed Hardy things pop up I saw some scented candles and what I think were inscence sticks maybe I should buy them and see how nice they are?! I also think I will do a FOTD post with this soon just to show it is wearable!

Vikki xox


  1. What a cute make up set! I like the little perfume idea that comes in a set. Like you said its very handy to carry around with you. :)

  2. Nice Xmas present! I dont need more eyeshadow but now i want that palette! LOL.

  3. I've never seen that palette before, it looks so cool!
    Confessions of a Beautyholic

  4. Oh man that is super cute!!! I dont think ive seen it anywhere though.. :(


  5. hey doll! I have nominated you for an award, thanks so much for mine :) http://sweetxsilhouette.blogspot.com/2011/01/blogger-awards.html xx

  6. I would recommend this to everyone, this is the first time I get an eyeshadow adn I really liked it, I used to buy mac and sephora, but now I see I was wasting my time and my money.


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