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Monday, 3 January 2011

oh na na whats my......'SECRETS' Video (youtube) tag

Hi again (2 posts in one hour i'm getting abit keen LOL) just wanted to share my video tag I have just done, it's basically a youtube one where you tell your secrets whilst keeping quiet!

So here it is please check it out and 'like' it and also subscribe to my channel all you fellow youtubers (www.youtube.com/vikkigabrielle)

So here it goes ENJOY!


  1. i ♥ this-thanx for sharing☺

  2. aww, how cute are you!! ^_^ xx

  3. AWW! This is such a novel idea, actually. You should tag people in such a thing and require those you tagged to do the same so that it gets passed on. :)

    I know what you mean about death. :( I lost way too many people before I even knew what death was. It breaks my heart whenever people walk past the homeless and yes, I eat like a man too! You have nooo idea! :))

  4. @shibzzi thanks hun

    and @toni It is a tag I did it in response to a youtube guru called BrittneyNGray I dont know if you have heard of her so I posted it as a response to hers, you should do one its fun LOL! xx

  5. loved this, i also over think things too much especially when it's a decision thing, to the point where I baffle myself and make the wrong decision lol

    do you also confuse people when they ask you a question cuz you've already dissected every part of your answer in our head and then when you answer them it's kinda like a shortcut cut or shortened answer that you expect them to understand, as id they've just been with you in your head and seen the million thoughts you just had? lol dunno if that baffles you but I do this SO much and it annoys the hell out of my husband haha

    I wiki everything too!! xxx

  6. I just saw this. You're so sweet. Thanks for sharing!

  7. That was so awesome. I feel that we were able to get to know you more and more on a personal note :)
    I love that you have cats too :D I have 2 and they're my kids! hehe

  8. Hi Vikki first time visiting & just wanted to say that I already love and respect this video post,it brought up many important views & you did this while sharing your secrects and deepest feelings(thanks)there is no mistake that you are a very respectful & genuine person..So don't let anyone eles tell you otherwise..I'm also sorry for you lost,but just know that when someone passes on it doesn't necessarily mean their gone from your life permently,infact they becomes a stronger part of it..Remember it's the hard times that allow God to test our strenght & make us Stronger,So good luck with every & anything you decided to do in the further while staying bless Sweetie..

    I'm sure your Uncle & Gandmother are looking down upon you proudly :-)

  9. @carmen yep haha sounds just like me

    @barttart aww i know mine r my babies too

    @DeJhanee thank you so much that was lovely comment and really made me smile :-)


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