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Monday, 16 January 2012

Baby Gender

It's a baby GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was so shocked, so so so so so shocked, I would have put money on it been a boy, all the old wives tales/gender theories/etc pointed to baby been a boy, I just felt it was a boy 'mothers intuition' i said psssh what do I know haha I sure proved wrong!

I am so excited to be having a baby daughter, the above pic is from my 20wks scan which was actually done 2wks ago now everything looks healthy and perfect which is the main thing I was bothered about, I would have been as happy if it was a boy I honestly wasn't fussed, I am 23 weeks in 3 days so the countdown is on! 

Lots of pretty pink clothing and cute outfits have now been bought and baby is wriggling around like mad as I type this.....she obviously knows she is been talked (or wrote!) about!

I feel amazing apart from backache constantly, everyone can tell im pregnant now as my bump is unmistakeable and it's all slowly dawning on me that in 17weeks I will have a beautiful baby in my arms, I am so impatient to meet her and so excited

This pregnancy period has been the best time of my life, don't forget to see more of my baby  journey on my baby blog www.victoriaspregnancydiary.blogspot.com x


  1. Aww Congratulations honey! ♥
    I can't wait to see some pics of your baby bump... Bet you look gorgeous!

    1. aw thanks hun i have done a preggo blog too http://victoriaspregnancydiary.blogspot.com there is some pics of bump on there! hope you're well x

  2. i have been missing from blogger for aaaaages and OMG UR PREGNANT!!!!! congratulations hunni i hope everything goes well for you. Keep us updated im so excited for u mwah xxx

    1. aww haha i know you stranger....see what happens you go away and when you get back im 6mths preggers LOOL!!! Hope you're doing well xx

  3. Congratz on your baby girl !! I'm pretty sure she's gonna be as beautiful as mommy!!
    Waheeda -


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