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Tuesday, 17 January 2012

My birthday.....

Just checking in with everyone again! Sunday 15th was my birthday (23!) I had a truly amazing day, it's also my mums on the same day so I spent some time with her and having Sunday lunch together then Ash picked me up and surprised me with a big 'Me 2 U' bear, another teddy and a Hello Kitty cake that was so yum, he got me the sweetest card from the baby that nearly made me cry it was so lovely, he also kindly gave me some money to treat myself as I haven't had much treats since been pregnant (everything i buy is for baby hence the lack of any beauty/fashion posts!) I am so blessed to be having this beautiful baby girl with such an amazing person, I love you ash :)

I mentioned last time we were moving, but due to people been timewasters that fell through which is SO disappointing so we are back at square one but hopefully that might change with abit of luck this week, so it's a stressful time, I am now nearly 6mths pregnant baby is more active than ever, she spends most of the day kicking me and doing backflips, I love the feeling though!

I will hopefully be back to show you some new purchases with my birthday money soon! My mum gave me money for my hair styling/cutting so expect a 'before and after' post later this week! For now I will leave you with some pics :)

Me, BUMP, and Ash when we ventured out New Years Eve :)
My big lovely Me to U bear :)
My other bear and bear mug AWW

Baby on Board me to you bear especially for our car!!

My Hello Kitty cake THE yummiest cake ever! FACT!
Me and my cake and presents! I look very make up free aka washed out hahahah
 Vikki xoxo


  1. happy birthday, you are beautiful,
    your cake is cute.

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