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Monday, 9 April 2012

Casemate Creatures case......Turn your phone from 'BLAH' to 'WOW'!

I upgraded from my 8520 blackberry  (I know this is a popular phone for MANY people most of my friends and family have the 8520 so if you do too check out the link to accessorize yours) to the 9360 a while ago and when I had my other Blackberry I loved putting fun and funky cases on, mostly to make it look more girlie and pretty but also because I am THE clumsiest person ever and I drop my phone constantly which leaves it with some not so attractive scratches, I briefly looked for cases whem I upgraded and didn't come across many for the 9360 so last week was pleased to come across www.mobilefun.co.uk as they have such a diverse range of technology products, not only phone cases, but phone handsets, Ipod/Ipads and plenty of acessories and other items like gaming acessories, I was pleased to find they had quite a few different products for my 9360 and I ended up choosing the Case-mate Creatures case in 'Xing' which as you can see is a pretty panda!

As an animal lover this was the perfect case for me, they also do it in 'Bubbles the monkey'. The Case-mate creatures are very reasonably priced at £19.95 as it does such a good job of protecting my phone which if I broke would cost me alot of money to fix, 

The case has all the cut out points just perfect unlike alot of cases i've tried which either don't fit well or are shabbily made this is really hard wearing and all you do is pop it on and you're ready to go, you never need to take it off as like I said the cut out points are all totally perfect so the phone still has full functionality as you can see -

AND don't you just LOVE the cute paw charm? (The monkey one comes with a banana which I thought was ridiculously cute too!)
AWW! What fun ways do you jazz up your phones with? 
Vikki x


  1. Haha, now that is absolutely cute.

  2. This too cute!...I have the 9900, & I need to replace the cover I have.

    xo SARMIN

  3. That case is adorable!

    I might have to see if I can get one for mine :)

    Wonderful blog, I am now following :)




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